Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Client Project Information

So, finally I have been able to sit down and write some standardized guidelines for client projects. Below you will find a few standard fees and charges, but I do encourage you, if you are interested in having a piece reMERbished, please contact me. Some fees/charges are specific to each project and will need discussion to be determined. I have made an attempt to give a starting point for having a project completed by reMERbish. The first step for a client project is sending a picture to me (mer@remerbish.com or through Facebook messaging). I cannot determine a quote without seeing the piece. At that point, I will send you a copy of the client project information sheet and be able to determine a quote for you. I hope to meet your needs and work to restore a piece for you. I appreciate your support of reMERbish! You all mean so much to me! Below are a few informational points from the client project information sheet.

"Thank you for expressing interest in having reMERbish work on a piece for you. It is a privilege to bring new life to a cherished memory of yours. Below you will find the standard fees for client projects, details regarding your quote, and a projected timeline for completion. Some charges will be figured in as the specifics of your project are worked out and discussion has happened about exactly what you are envisioning for your piece. Timelines and finishes are subject to change – reMERbish makes every effort to give an accurate estimation of completion time for your project as well as ability to achieve the look you are wanting. Often it is not until a project is started that some of these specifics can be figured out or must be altered. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Pick-up/Delivery Fee (PU/D F)/$25
{If you do not have a way to get your piece(s) to reMERbish,
we are happy to pick-up and deliver your piece(s). Therefore,
it is only applicable to projects to be PU/D by reMERbish.}

Prep Charge (PC1)/$65 {or as determined by the project}
{reMERbish will do all prep work for completing your piece(s) that
will include: sanding, removing old hardware, filling holes (as needed),
cleaning with a furniture cleaner, vacuuming drawers/cabinets/etc., and
drilling new hardware holes (as needed) If you prefer to do some of this
prep work, this charge would be negotiable.}

Supplies Fee (SF)/$10

{This fee covers all prepping, painting, and finishing supplies.}

Painting Charge (PC2)/TBD
{This charge is unique to each project and is based on paint color,
number of colors used, distressing amount, and overall look.}

Project Specific Charge (PSC)/TBD
{This charge is not applicable to all projects. It is for any additional
work that is to be done, besides painting, such as repair work,
reupholstering, staining, purchasing of new hardware, etc.}

Finishing Charge (FC)/TBD
{This charge is unique to each project and is based on type of
finish chosen and time/work to accomplish that look.}
Most Common Finishes:
Painted, lightly distressed, clear wax
Painted, moderately-heavily distressed, clear wax
Painted, lightly distressed, antique wax