Mission Statement

It is said that a person’s home should be a reflection of their personality, interests, and experiences. Just like our lives consist of memories gathered over many years, our homes should echo that well-loved, collected feel. One of the greatest ways to accomplish this is by finding furniture pieces and décor items that you love and are as unique to you as your personality - refurbished, vintage pieces along with repurposed salvage items accomplish a look that is distinctive, loved, and treasured, creating a multi-layered, artistically comfortable feel to your home.

Our goal at reMERbish is to recreate the aesthetic beauty of a piece crafted in days gone by, in order to preserve the functionality and integrity of it. Within the refinishing process, we often find pieces that simply need repurposing to be enjoyed in a new and fresh way. Through a labor-intensive effort of inspiration, creativity, and perspiration, something that was once neglected has been restored to be treasured once more or repurposed to begin a new story.

If you purchase any of our products, we hope you enjoy the work of art for many years to come and that it enables many opportunities to create cherished memories in your home.

“It is not what you look at that matters. It is what you see.”
{Henry David Thoreau}

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