About MER

Owner/reMERbisher--Meredith Dorough

Welcome to my fun hobby that has actually turned into something more! Ever since my husband and I got married and purchased our first home, I have had an interest in decorating our home by using unexpected items for common purposes. I also have attempted to create these decorating projects for as little money as possible. Having grown up with a grandmother and mother who taught me to sew, a grandad who does woodworking, and a dad who can build ANYTHING (literally), naturally, I have the inclination to design and make my own stuff!

So, for years, it has been a fun hobby and a way to create and see something that was formed in my head come to life and be used in my home for a practical purpose. Also, now, as a mother of two precious little ones, creating and working on a small project is a fun outlet to see something started and finished. I know the joyous "project" of raising children is lifelong, and in these early years, seems to be hard to see concrete results, so doing creative projects has been a way for my "finisher" personality to be satisfied.

Also, I grew up doing ballet and have now come into a position at my childhood ballet school of directing a performing group where I, among other things, create pieces of choreography to be performed for ballet concerts and other events. All this to say, creating pieces of art (whether ballet dances or home projects) has been a part of my life for many, many years--really, for as long as I can remember!

So, the creative inclination in me has led to the formation of this company, reMERbish.

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