Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Client Project Information

So, finally I have been able to sit down and write some standardized guidelines for client projects. Below you will find a few standard fees and charges, but I do encourage you, if you are interested in having a piece reMERbished, please contact me. Some fees/charges are specific to each project and will need discussion to be determined. I have made an attempt to give a starting point for having a project completed by reMERbish. The first step for a client project is sending a picture to me (mer@remerbish.com or through Facebook messaging). I cannot determine a quote without seeing the piece. At that point, I will send you a copy of the client project information sheet and be able to determine a quote for you. I hope to meet your needs and work to restore a piece for you. I appreciate your support of reMERbish! You all mean so much to me! Below are a few informational points from the client project information sheet.

"Thank you for expressing interest in having reMERbish work on a piece for you. It is a privilege to bring new life to a cherished memory of yours. Below you will find the standard fees for client projects, details regarding your quote, and a projected timeline for completion. Some charges will be figured in as the specifics of your project are worked out and discussion has happened about exactly what you are envisioning for your piece. Timelines and finishes are subject to change – reMERbish makes every effort to give an accurate estimation of completion time for your project as well as ability to achieve the look you are wanting. Often it is not until a project is started that some of these specifics can be figured out or must be altered. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Pick-up/Delivery Fee (PU/D F)/$25
{If you do not have a way to get your piece(s) to reMERbish,
we are happy to pick-up and deliver your piece(s). Therefore,
it is only applicable to projects to be PU/D by reMERbish.}

Prep Charge (PC1)/$65 {or as determined by the project}
{reMERbish will do all prep work for completing your piece(s) that
will include: sanding, removing old hardware, filling holes (as needed),
cleaning with a furniture cleaner, vacuuming drawers/cabinets/etc., and
drilling new hardware holes (as needed) If you prefer to do some of this
prep work, this charge would be negotiable.}

Supplies Fee (SF)/$10

{This fee covers all prepping, painting, and finishing supplies.}

Painting Charge (PC2)/TBD
{This charge is unique to each project and is based on paint color,
number of colors used, distressing amount, and overall look.}

Project Specific Charge (PSC)/TBD
{This charge is not applicable to all projects. It is for any additional
work that is to be done, besides painting, such as repair work,
reupholstering, staining, purchasing of new hardware, etc.}

Finishing Charge (FC)/TBD
{This charge is unique to each project and is based on type of
finish chosen and time/work to accomplish that look.}
Most Common Finishes:
Painted, lightly distressed, clear wax
Painted, moderately-heavily distressed, clear wax
Painted, lightly distressed, antique wax

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Facebook it is!

Hello out there in blogland! I have been shamefully unfaithful in posting on here! SORRY! It actually is a good thing, right? reMERbish has been so busy turning product out that there's been no spare time to upload pictures to this site!

I do faithfully keep Facebook updated, however, so I have decided to make this page a place to come to find out information about the company, services, and retail locations, and make my Facebook page my main source of inventory updating, announcements, and product portfolio - it's just so much easier and faster to update it, even straight from my smart phone!

So, if you haven't already, "like" the reMERbish Facebook page and you will be able to stay updated on all the latest news and products. If you do not have a Facebook account, please contact me via email, mer@remerbish.com, and I would be happy to assist you in any way that I can. I will still update this site, ever so often, with important information and featured pieces, but Facebook will be the site that is updated almost daily.

Thanks so much, guys, for your support! I have truly been OVERWHELMED at how fast and how much the news about the business has spread. The Lord is always so faithful as we are faithful in pursuing Him. He is blessing reMERbish in incredible ways that have ministered to my heart so much. And YOU have been a huge part of that! Word of mouth, support, and encouragment from you all continues to spread my little business. I'm indebted to each of you and couldn't thank you enough!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Clients, clients, clients!

Client projects are keeping me busy these days! I will post some pictures of a few sometime soon:) I just love working on someone's personal treasure to give it new life and purpose in their home.

I am also preparing for the next Ross Bridge Fresh Market on the Green which will be this Saturday, July 21st, from 8am-12pm. A special treat this time is that there will be an antique car showing as well, so ladies, your man will have something to do while you shop at the reMERbish tent! Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 18, 2012

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Hey guys! So last week was super busy because of my participation in Ross Bridge's Fresh Market on the Green! It was so fun and I had a blast making new contacts with people, connecting with people I had met through Facebook, and making some sells!:) Here are some pictures from the day. You will also find listed under "Featured Pieces" some new pieces that are still available.

You may not have had a chance to visit and like my Facebook page! Do that if you can...I often post pictures and updates on there faster than I can on the blog.

Also I have several client projects that I'll have pictures of soon! This is a fun part of the business that I didn't expect to be so popular so quickly:) If you have a piece in your house that is in need of some reMERbish love, send to me a picture (mer@remerbish.com) and I'd love to discuss with you the possibilities of giving it new life!

Lastly, I haven't forgotten my posts about my trip to Florida. I came across great people with great stores that I can't wait to share with all of you! Be patient...those are coming:)

Tent at the Market:

This lovely buffet SOLD! The couple who bought it are going to use it as a media cabinet at their beach house:

Cute gray chest with mustard knobs:

Gorgeous blue dresser with such great detailing:

Cream dresser with beautiful, original hardware:

Antique (found documents from the 1940s and a 5 cent stamp in the drawer!) china cabinet:

Yellow desk with great storage:

Thanks, guys!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stay tuned!

Just wrapped up the Fresh Market on the Green!! Will be having some posts this week to update you on projects! Check back!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Too Long...But Projects, Projects, Projects

Hey guys!

So sorry! It wasn't my intention to go almost a month without posting some reMERbish projects! I will say though that the past few weeks have been the busiest by far of 2012 for us, so I guess that's my reason/excuse at least;) So it is a miracle that any projects were finsihed at all really...but enough of all of that...here are some pictures! And, by the way, I have been posting on my reMERbish Facebook page pretty regularly, so please "like" the page and you can keep up with projects a little better! I'm up to 73 likes and would LOVE to get to 100! Spread the word!:)

My first client project! A baby crib for a family with three boys...a little prissy is coming and the boys' black crib had to be reMERbished:

Chalkboard out of an old frame:

Chalkboard out of an old window:

Wall art made out of paper flowers and burlap:

Distressed checkerboard pattern coffee table:

Vintage, distressed correspondence desk:

White-washed book shelf:

Pickles and Prissy Moo crayon travel bundle rolled up:

Pickles and Prissy Moo crayon travel bundle opened:

Distressed oval coffe table

Picture frames with wood letters and burlap:

Some exciting pieces are coming! Thanks for sticking in there with me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Project of the week

Every week I'll try to post something I've worked on. This week I have a couple of things that aren't quite finished yet, but this beauty I did happen to finish up a couple of days ago! I think it can be used in different ways, but I see it as either a tray, used for serving or as a coffee table organizer, or flipped on its back on the wall as a wall shelf for knick-knacks, books, pictures, etc. It is made out of old, distressed wood, with old nails, and is a very unique piece with a lot of character. I did a simple white-washed finish on it. It isn't in my Easy Street booth yet, but will be hopefully at the beginning of the week. Price=$55.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Girl With the Pink Door

As of Saturday, reMERbish has officially moved into Easy Street Resale! Yay!!! Below you will find some pictures of what the booth looks like and current products.

When my husband and I re-screened our backporch last year, I couldn't find it in me to throw away our rather tired screen door. I said, "Let's just throw it in the garage--I'll use it for something someday!" So when it came around to figuring out a sign for reMERbish, it hit me! The old door would be perfect! So I repurposed it by simply painting the frame [no other color but pink was appropriate;)], installing a chalkboard on top, and stapling fabric behind the wire grid. I thought the wire griding would be great to use as a memo board at some point too by using clothespins to clip on pictures, announcements, etc. This once-determined trash, has become a beautiful treasured item for the booth! So, yeah, if I become known as "the girl with the pink door," I won't mind it at all!:)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Setting up shop...

So welcome to reMERbish! It is crazy to me that we are where we are right now. As soon as I can, I'll be writing the whole process out, but for now, I thought I'd give you a glimpse into my garage! This is my little workshop where all the reMERbish magic will happen;)
Looks chaotic and a little piled up? Well, yes, it certainly is, but hey, it makes sense to me! Thank you for showing interest in my newly formed business! Stay tuned--It promises to be an adventure for sure! If you have a second, leave a comment to tell me how you found my business--I'd love to hear from you! And if you are interested, become a follower and you can be a part of this journey with me! If you click through the different pages across the top of the home page, you'll be able to find out a little more of what the company is about and what you can expect to find. I should be setting up my booth at Easy Street Resales in Pelham over the weekend, so if you are in that area, check it out! Thank you!