Our Story

reMERbish--(ree/MUR/bish)--the art of refurbishment, repurposing, and restoration of a piece, for the sake of giving it a new life and new story; uncovering the history and past of a piece and allowing it to begin anew

reMERbish was "officially" formed in April 2012, but the idea of it, has been swirling around in my head for a few years now. It has been a gradual process of pulling it together--being a self-proclaimed DIY-er, getting inspiration from other artists, seeing other friends of mine doing similar projects, and feeling like the time was right to begin.

About a year ago, I found a few small pieces at a local thrift store and knew they would be great for being painted, distressed, and resold. So, my husband graciously agreed to indulge my thought, and we purchased those first three pieces. After working on them and continuing to figure out how to pursue this idea, I contacted my neighborhood's event coordinator and registered to become a vendor at the seasonal fresh market. Thinking this would be a great experiment for the interest and demand of my product, I began finding neglected treasures whenever I could. After a series of very specific events, i.e., talking to random people in random places who were in this business and finding, in just the right time, a listing on the internet for a new store opening needing vendors, my husband and I both felt a peace to pursue this little dream!

So, here we are! reMERbish has begun, and we will see where it goes. I'm excited for this opportunity and pray that through my little business I can be a big blessing!

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