Monday, May 28, 2012

Too Long...But Projects, Projects, Projects

Hey guys!

So sorry! It wasn't my intention to go almost a month without posting some reMERbish projects! I will say though that the past few weeks have been the busiest by far of 2012 for us, so I guess that's my reason/excuse at least;) So it is a miracle that any projects were finsihed at all really...but enough of all of are some pictures! And, by the way, I have been posting on my reMERbish Facebook page pretty regularly, so please "like" the page and you can keep up with projects a little better! I'm up to 73 likes and would LOVE to get to 100! Spread the word!:)

My first client project! A baby crib for a family with three boys...a little prissy is coming and the boys' black crib had to be reMERbished:

Chalkboard out of an old frame:

Chalkboard out of an old window:

Wall art made out of paper flowers and burlap:

Distressed checkerboard pattern coffee table:

Vintage, distressed correspondence desk:

White-washed book shelf:

Pickles and Prissy Moo crayon travel bundle rolled up:

Pickles and Prissy Moo crayon travel bundle opened:

Distressed oval coffe table

Picture frames with wood letters and burlap:

Some exciting pieces are coming! Thanks for sticking in there with me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Project of the week

Every week I'll try to post something I've worked on. This week I have a couple of things that aren't quite finished yet, but this beauty I did happen to finish up a couple of days ago! I think it can be used in different ways, but I see it as either a tray, used for serving or as a coffee table organizer, or flipped on its back on the wall as a wall shelf for knick-knacks, books, pictures, etc. It is made out of old, distressed wood, with old nails, and is a very unique piece with a lot of character. I did a simple white-washed finish on it. It isn't in my Easy Street booth yet, but will be hopefully at the beginning of the week. Price=$55.