Monday, May 28, 2012

Too Long...But Projects, Projects, Projects

Hey guys!

So sorry! It wasn't my intention to go almost a month without posting some reMERbish projects! I will say though that the past few weeks have been the busiest by far of 2012 for us, so I guess that's my reason/excuse at least;) So it is a miracle that any projects were finsihed at all really...but enough of all of are some pictures! And, by the way, I have been posting on my reMERbish Facebook page pretty regularly, so please "like" the page and you can keep up with projects a little better! I'm up to 73 likes and would LOVE to get to 100! Spread the word!:)

My first client project! A baby crib for a family with three boys...a little prissy is coming and the boys' black crib had to be reMERbished:

Chalkboard out of an old frame:

Chalkboard out of an old window:

Wall art made out of paper flowers and burlap:

Distressed checkerboard pattern coffee table:

Vintage, distressed correspondence desk:

White-washed book shelf:

Pickles and Prissy Moo crayon travel bundle rolled up:

Pickles and Prissy Moo crayon travel bundle opened:

Distressed oval coffe table

Picture frames with wood letters and burlap:

Some exciting pieces are coming! Thanks for sticking in there with me!

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