Monday, April 30, 2012

The Girl With the Pink Door

As of Saturday, reMERbish has officially moved into Easy Street Resale! Yay!!! Below you will find some pictures of what the booth looks like and current products.

When my husband and I re-screened our backporch last year, I couldn't find it in me to throw away our rather tired screen door. I said, "Let's just throw it in the garage--I'll use it for something someday!" So when it came around to figuring out a sign for reMERbish, it hit me! The old door would be perfect! So I repurposed it by simply painting the frame [no other color but pink was appropriate;)], installing a chalkboard on top, and stapling fabric behind the wire grid. I thought the wire griding would be great to use as a memo board at some point too by using clothespins to clip on pictures, announcements, etc. This once-determined trash, has become a beautiful treasured item for the booth! So, yeah, if I become known as "the girl with the pink door," I won't mind it at all!:)

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  1. Meredith! I love going back through all your old posts and seeing the progression! I am working on getting my booth stocked and all my projects finished. I have a lot of inventory to fill a booth, but wow, a long way to go to get them all finished! Did you get overwhelmed at first?