Monday, June 18, 2012

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Hey guys! So last week was super busy because of my participation in Ross Bridge's Fresh Market on the Green! It was so fun and I had a blast making new contacts with people, connecting with people I had met through Facebook, and making some sells!:) Here are some pictures from the day. You will also find listed under "Featured Pieces" some new pieces that are still available.

You may not have had a chance to visit and like my Facebook page! Do that if you can...I often post pictures and updates on there faster than I can on the blog.

Also I have several client projects that I'll have pictures of soon! This is a fun part of the business that I didn't expect to be so popular so quickly:) If you have a piece in your house that is in need of some reMERbish love, send to me a picture ( and I'd love to discuss with you the possibilities of giving it new life!

Lastly, I haven't forgotten my posts about my trip to Florida. I came across great people with great stores that I can't wait to share with all of you! Be patient...those are coming:)

Tent at the Market:

This lovely buffet SOLD! The couple who bought it are going to use it as a media cabinet at their beach house:

Cute gray chest with mustard knobs:

Gorgeous blue dresser with such great detailing:

Cream dresser with beautiful, original hardware:

Antique (found documents from the 1940s and a 5 cent stamp in the drawer!) china cabinet:

Yellow desk with great storage:

Thanks, guys!

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